Creating Customer Networks

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Creating Customer Networks

Your energy charges are made up of a number of parts. Along with the actual electricity you consume, there is the daily line charge for supplying it as well the Electrical Authority Levy for each kWh used.

To reduce your electricity bills, there’s only one thing you can do; reduce your consumption, right? Well, that definitely helps! But there’s also another way.

Integrated Energy consult for and develop customer networks. In a building with multiple tenancies there is the potential to reduce the number of supply lines from one per tenant to one for the whole building. The result being dramatically reduced fixed daily charges; instead of each line being charged up to $5.00 or more a day, everyone pays an equal share of the one remaining line, saving thousands over a year for each user!

The electricity consumption is recorded via a dedicated check meter per customer; so you only pay for what you consume.

Integrated Energy also offer bespoke invoicing solutions, offering to charge the one line to one account, or to invoice each tenant directly!

One of our most recent customer networks is 35 Victoria Avenue, Palmerston North. This building is home to the Wallace Development Company Limited Palmerston North office, along with a mix of commercial and professional customers.